Fault Magazine Reviews J.W Anderson LCM SS17 Show


Revisiting your childhood toy box is a nostalgic way to begin a rainy Sunday morning, and that’s what J.W. Anderson did. Bringing a child-like quality to LCM, the collection saw sleeves for days with the cast donning extremely elongated sleeves that skimmed the floor, reminding us of the times we’d dress up in our father’s oversized knitwear. Strands of Sergei Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf” fed into the show with models storming through a maze-like corridors with a disembodied voice narrating the story and eerie bird noises approaching a darker atmosphere. Playtime had the boys wearing aviation goggles, jigsaw print, and brick-toned crowns seemingly made from magnetic construction toy sets. Nirvana plaids, muted colours, radiant gradients and pilot-like jumpsuits (perhaps this is Anderson’s take on the onsie) ran throughout leaving the audience, including A$AP Rocky, wanting more. Anderson made some Egyptian references using their cotton and printing jumpers and trousers with jackals. The clothes gave us masculine touches with military bombers and trenches as well as dropped shoulders, but remaining uncompromising to his androgynous interpretation of menswear, he introduced a new variation of the sought after Pierce bag – subtly saying that it’s a bag for men as well. One thing’s for sure, when times get hard and you don’t want to adult anymore, J.W. Anderson reminded us that it’s never too late to release your inner child.


Words: Lizzie Griffin