The Fashion Debates: A Night of Discussion In Hopes Of Finally Making Fashion Fair


Oh the fashion industry! The glamour, the clothing and the wondrous personalities. However, like any industry, pull back the veil and what you find might not always be as positive as you’d previously expected. Enter, ‘The Fashion Debates‘. Launched by fashion journalist Olivia Pinnock, the newly launched event looks to discuss the unfair treatment and unethical practices currently employed within the industry. This isn’t an event to just recycle old argument points but instead hopefully discover a sustainable solution to all the troubles plaguing the industry.

Topics including sweatshop labour, racism, body image and feminism, will be discussed during the events and as a publication with fashion at its core, we are thoroughly looking forward to the each event. Despite our own efforts to feature a diverse lineup in every issue and implementing a ban on fur clothing, there is much more still to be done inside FAULT and throughout the industry.

The series will include a variety of speakers from within the fashion industry, with Carry Somers, Founder of Fashion Revolution, Clare Lissaman, Director of Ethical Fashion Forum and Mysource, and Stella Heng, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Sports Philosophy, announced to speak at the first event.

The debut Fashion Debate will be focussing on the challenges of sweatshop labour and take place on 19th May at 7pm at The Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design. Tickets are £10.


To find out more and to purchase tickets, head over to