Reliving the 90’s at Hot Since ’91 Karaoke Event


Chokers, VHS tapes, TLC, Clueless, the 90’s replay in our minds over and over again, but one night in London is offering the chance for partiers to once again relive the glory days. Equipped with our tie dye tees and chokers, we took a trip down memory lane to Hot Since 91’s Karaoke to experience the magic.

HS91 isn’t just another flimsy 90’s themed night where they’ll play the Fresh Prince soundtrack before returning to the usual “Pitbull Clubchoonz Megamix” playlist. No, Hot Since 91 takes the 90s very seriously. This isn’t a karaoke event in the sense that you get in a private booth and drunkenly croon along to ‘Angels’ in a sweaty huddle. This is a ‘Live at the Apollo Amateur Night’, where you either turn up ready to snatch wigs with your beat-perfect rendition of Left Eye’s verse of Waterfalls or you unceremoniously get booed off of stage like a 13-year-old Lauryn Hill did back in 1987. We’re not lying, check out the video below…

We chose not to get on stage but the performances were indeed fire, so much so, we’re pretty sure some of those on stage had rehearsed before hand. Along with the singing, the night also featured free chicken, free candy floss and a host of nostalgic entertainment in their 90’s games room which is kitted out with a SNES, Connect Four, Operation and many other games.

Themed karaoke events are nothing new to London. Hip-hop karaoke has been a well-known event for a couple of years however they don’t take the theme nearly as far as HS91. Even the photo booth on the upper floor had a prop-box full of nostalgic items to pose with.

All in all the night was fun and a different way to spend a Friday evening. They do however need to work on a few things. The karaoke continues past 2am, that’s far too late. It’s fun and quirky but there is a point when you just want to dance to the 90’s music as opposed to watching Destiny’s less talented children perform them.

Suddenly after the karaoke portion of the night ended, the music made a complete shift. The 90’s tracks which partiers performed all night suddenly became a full on Grime mix which was strange and out of place for a night which was previously based on everything 90’s. We might love Stormzy, but I don’t recall running into HMV in 1995 to buy his latest cd.

If you’re after a fun and unique night, we would definitely recommend HS91. It’s a rather lively night so don’t wear your finest heels as they will be trampled and there is very limited seating. This is a night to relive youth, if you’re after a calm bar for your Friday night then steer well clear but if you want something fun, quirky and new, HS91 has you covered!

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