FAULT Focus: Discussing design with Emerging Talent, Victoria Scandale


International designer Victoria Scandale first debuted her brand at Milan Fashion Week but is showing no signs of slowing down. Back with their SS16 collection, Scandale has not shied away from vibrant colours and bold prints this collection but she has still managed to maintain the luxurious and high-end theme of the brand. High-quality craftsmanship is at the forefront of the collection and it shines through in all the VC pieces.

We caught up with the designer to talk about her collect, her ideas for the future and find out what it means to be a Victoria Scandale woman.


You’ve been designing clothing pretty much all your life. Can you remember what sparked your original interest?

It started from drawing outfits at a very young age…I was only drawing houses until my teacher told me maybe I should  try something else. So I tried drawing people in different coloured outfits. I couldn’t stop. A few years later my grandmother taught me how to make all this come into life with a sewing machine.

We’ve read you initially chose the somewhat stable path when you graduated from with a degree in economics. Looking back, are you thankful that you did, having a clear understanding of economics is one of the skills some fashion designers lack, yet something any good business person needs?

Yes, definitely. Although it is not my passion understanding this side of the fashion business is very important and I am grateful and happy I had a chance to get an education exactly this way.


When was the deciding moment you chose to make a career out of it?

Once I realised that the world belongs to dreamers. The best you can do in life is turn your passion into your dream job. Additionally, due to my numerous travels, I was always meeting a lot of inspiring people; their support helped me and eased the whole process. The fashion industry is highly competitive, it’s not easy. So it truly has to be your passion should you decide to make it your job.



Can you tell us some unique features about the SS16 collection?

It’s vibrant, volumetric and aims to find the fun around. I love to work with new cuts and play with volume in details: it’s somewhat magical. Cottons, silks and jacquards are shown in a pretty unusual way, but still very elegant. From daytime to cocktail party at night, from sneakers to high heels, women wearing pieces from the SS16 collection won’t be seen as boring or not elegant enough, that’s for sure !


Your designs and chosen prints are very bold, bright and colourful (perfect for spring/summer), yet they aren’t outlandish. Was it hard to find a way to use such colours and prints without taking it too far?

It’s easy and hard at the same time when it comes to fashion. I love prints and colours. But I try to find a limit, testing and thinking about the women who will wear the clothes I design. Who ? Where to ? Then it becomes much more understandable. And easier.


You’ve done a lot of travelling; what country would you say inspired you most when it came to designing?

Inspiration is everywhere. France has always been my first inspiration, it is the perfect source of elegance, the French lifestyle is unique and recognised everywhere. Recently I discovered South Korea. Everything about this country is awesome: the technology and high level of innovations combined with the respect of traditions, skyscrapers located nearby the old buildings of ancient dynasties…It’s perfect harmony together. And the way South Korean women dress is a feast for the eyes, like an endless fashion week.

What do you feel are the strongest pieces of the SS16 collection?

The tectonic orange dress is a “must have” that goes with every type of shoes. The orange culottes are nice too as they can be worn with a simple white t-shirt for an effortlessly chic look.


What do your designs reflect about yourself, are you a “Victoria Scandale woman”?

I am a dreamer, a free soul, it shows through my designs. I’ve experienced a lot in my life, I’ve gone from this super well-educated girl to hard rock lover and back again, I’ve travelled from one country to another and more… I found myself, I’m confident and I love to explore. I can say that I know what life tastes like. This is what the Victoria Scandale is about, strong and elegant but adorable and playful.


What are you plans to expand the line?

I plan on adding a shoe line in the nearest future.


What is your FAULT?

Overthinking. Fortunately, it’s a fault I have no problem living with :)