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We first fell in love with Lyndie Greenwood when she played the role of Sonya in the hit television show ‘Nikita‘.  Meant to only appear for a brief part of the show the public loves her character so much that she was reworked into a permanent cast member. History would repeats itself again when Lyndie took the role of Jenny in FOX’s hit show ‘Sleepy Hollow’. Lyndie’s captivating performances and portrayal of Jenny once again had the audience calling for her to have a larger role so you can imagine everyone’s excitement when Lyndie once again brought a temporary character into the leading cast.

With season 3 coming to a close, we caught up with Lyndie to find out more!


Jenny’s personality and relationships have transformed so much since we first were introduced to her at the jailhouse. Has it been a natural transition for you in terms of performance?

I feel like it was a natural transition for me as an actor, because the writing made the transitions in Jenny’s storyline natural. She changed realistically throughout the seasons because of what was happening in her life. It felt organic.


What shade was the most fun to perform? The softer and more vulnerable Jenny or sniper to the face murderous Jenny?

I love “sniper to the face murderous Jenny” (especially now that you’ve called her that). But, I feel like seeing only that shade of Jenny for three seasons would have made her seem one dimensional, and I knew from the beginning of the show that I wanted her to be more than that. Seeing Jenny’s softer more vulnerable side rounds her out, and makes her a compelling character. Also the human, heart to heart scenes that I get to explore because of Jenny’s new-found openness are very rewarding.


We’re very excited for Friday, will season 3 leave us a cliffhanger ending, or will everything be tied up in a neat little package ready for another season etc?
You’re going to get both from this season finale: some things will definitely be wrapped up, but it wouldn’t be Sleepy Hollow if we didn’t leave some cliff-hangers, too.

You’ve battled headless knights, summoned demons, leapt through portals and all sorts. With a special effects heavy production, does it make it harder to feed off your environment?

Our show definitely uses VFX, but a larger portion of the world is created tangibly. Our sets and props and monsters are mostly there for us to see and touch and interact with. It makes the job a lot more fun!


We’re (slowly and much overdue) starting to see more strong female figures on our tv screens. Do you feel enough is being done to empower women on our tv screens?

I definitely feel like we’re heading in the right direction. There are many female characters out there right now who are strong, multidimensional human beings, and not just props used to move the male-dominated stories along. I feel like it’s an exciting time!


You’ll also be playing playing ‘Nola Barnes’ in the upcoming ‘Cut to the Chase’ action movie. Can you tell us a little about your character?

Nola is a tough cookie who fell in with some bad folks, and was witness to something that puts her in danger. She decides to cooperate with the DA, but that’s not where her heart lies, and many twists and turns ensue.



Is the action/thriller genre where you feel most at home now?

I do definitely enjoy action/thriller, and sci-fi. I’d love to do more comedy – I feel it calling me.
You’re also a big comicbook fan and this year will see a lot of different supermovies hitting the big screen from Deadpool and Batman vs Superman to the upcoming Xmen, avengers movies. What franchise are you most excited for?
I’m really looking forward to seeing Suicide Squad. I think it looks awesome, and perfectly cast.
Marvel Vs DC?
Collared Vest LOTUZ
Collared Vest LOTUZ
What is your FAULT
I can be very irritable and impatient at times. It’s something that I’m trying to work on. I feel like the more I recognise it, the less intense it seems to get. All we can do is try to do better, and forgive ourselves when we don’t, so we can try again.
Photographer: Irvin Rivera /@graphicsmetropolis
Styling: Tyler McDaniel@tylerjmacdaniel
Photo Assistance: Phill Limprasertwong /@phillldotcom
Makeup: Erik Torppe / @eriktorppe
Hair: Shelby Swain @theshelbyswain
Production: Ashley Tsai  @ashley.tsai
Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Concludes On Friday 8th of April