FAULT Weekly Playlist: Twin Wave


Twin Wave is a quintessential Brooklyn outfit that if you haven’t heard of them yet, then count this as the first of many times that you will. With a sound that fits somewhere between the dream pop of Future Islands and the retro rocker howl of the Police, Twin Wave’s latest single “Matador” sounds blissfully imported.

The trio, comprised of Nick Williams (vocals), Sarik Kumar (guitar) and Maxx Berkowitz (guitar), are expected to release a new five-track EP Pour Out The Dark later this summer, but before that we had the opportunity to ask the guys what songs inspire them and how Twin Wave’s psychedelic sound came to be.

Tears for Fears, “Pale Shelter”

“Pale Shelter” captures all the right sounds of the ‘80’s. The dark soaring minor vocals, heavy driving bass and the undeniably catchy shimmering guitars makes for the ultimate ‘New Wave’ groove track. I have a thing for strong grooves and minor melodies, and this song has it in spades! – Sarik

The War on Drugs, “Suffering”

I first heard this song around 2 or 3 AM hanging out in a cabin with some close friends during a Vermont snowstorm. As you can imagine, the slow beat and mesmerizing guitar parts set the mood just right. The song just covers you in this warm blanket of sonic space. I will always think of that moment when I hear this song. – Sarik

Sturgill Simpson, “Voices”

This one is a wild card since it is so far from our sound, but I am a massive fan of folk and country inspired music. When I first heard Sturgill Simpson’s album “Metamodern Sounds in Country Music” I think I had it on repeat for a week straight. The entire album is worth listening to, but the song “Voices” captures his something special — its deep, organic, real, Americana. – Sarik

Julien Baker, “Something”

When I first heard this buzzy singer-songwriter’s debut LP Sprained Ankle, I was in awe, and completely struck by the subtlety in her songwriting and the honesty of her sadness. At only 20 years old, her songwriting is so mature and developed, and with “Something” you’ll be instantly transported back to youthful days and first loves. Like “Skinny Love” for a new generation. – Nick

Caveman, “80 West”

I’ve been a Caveman fan since I heard their 2012 LP CoCo Beware but their new album is something of a true masterpiece – “80 West” is my favorite tune on it and I’m so glad it became the second single. Get on the highway, roll down the windows and let it rip. – Nick

Lewis Del Mar, “Malt Liquor”

This Rockaway duo are just the coolest and their blend of island-tinged electronic-folk is one of the most unique sounds I’ve heard in a long time. This standout from their debut EP brings me back to days of swigging ‘40s of Colt ‘45. Baby that’s all we need. – Nick

The Arcs, “Put A Flower in Your Pocket”

As a long time Black Keys fan, I love where Auerbach has pushed with his side project, sticking to the garage rock and blues roots, but bringing some extra polish and finesse to his signature sound. – Maxx

Darkside, “Heart”

Both Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington are sonic master. Their collaboration Darkside brings interesting rhythms, atmospheric synths and sharp rambling guitar together to make a cinematic soundscape. – Maxx

Explosions In The Sky, “Disintegration Anxiety”

Explosions In The Sky take cinematic to another level, all of their albums take you on a journey in sound from start to finish. “Disintegration Anxiety” off of their new album The Wilderness shows their amazing dynamics, multiple builds and falls. I have some memorably hazy nights blasting The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place on vinyl with my roommate in the basement of my first apartment in NYC. – Maxx

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