Weekly Playlist: The Pheels


The Pheels is the project of Atlanta natives Curtis Fields and Phil Jones (HAUNTED) who just earlier this month released their fuzzed out indie electronic single “The Heartbreaker.” You can think of The Pheels as Neon Indian’s more R&B inclined love child. As they prepare for the release of their likeWise EP, we asked Curtis and Phil to put together some of songs from their hometown of Atlanta that inspire them.

“The city of ATL is a living conundrum that represents a very important piece of the American Pie,” Curtis said over a quick email conversation. “As the Pheels, Phil and me draw as much attention to duality as coherently possible. The Trap scene has dominated for sooo long. And it did a great job of bringing people together to vibe, but it still facilitates a lot of division. Yet and still, people are gonna come together, one way or another and the new ATL scene displays that beautifully. From Dab to St. Beauty to Bosco to the Pheels, the Wave is coming. And so will you lol… Now goest ye forth and taketh thou this manifest.”

The Pheels Socials: