FAULT Magazine Weekly Playlist: Pistol Shrimp


Electropop duo Pistol Shrimp is a perfect melding of slick production and songwriting from David Burreddu and US based vocalist Aaron Peterson. Built on catchy analog synthersizer leads, rich baselines and infectious vocals hooks, Pistol Shrimp’s music is heavily influenced by ’80s nu wave music that calls to mind iconic artists such as Pet Shop Boys and one of our all-time favorites, New Order.

We asked David and Aaron to put together a playlist of some of their current favorite tracks including Caribou, BAIO (Chris from Vampire Weeekend), First Aid Kit, and much more.

David’s Picks:
Flume – Never Be Like You feat. Kai
“Flume always keeps things fresh & exciting, in love with this first single from his new album.”
Kanye West – 30 Hours
“No matter what yeezy does publicly; he always pushes his music forward! Love his flow and production is always flawless.”
Pistol Shrimp – Between Us
“My personal favourite we have made thus far. Love the high energy and percussion with Aaron’s excellent vox belting on top.”
Tame Impala – The Less I Know The Better
“The whole ‘Currents’ album was incredible! But this stuck out for me, love the groove!” 
First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining
“I just really like this song for some reason…”

Aaron’s Picks:
David Bowie – Oh You Pretty Things
“His songwriting and musicianship is unmatched.”
Foxygen – No Destruction
“This song has so much character and the lyrics and singing are amazing.”
Baio – Sister of Pearl
“The hook is incredibly catchy and song is super fun.”
Pistol Shrimp – Heart
“I think it’s one of our best collaborative tunes, great production and vocals.”
Caribou – Odessa
“Super weird and funky, just my style!”

Pistol Shrimp Socials: