Skincare Essentials: NuSonic Cleansing Tool



Life in the big city can be very tough, especially for those of us working within the creative industry. Unfortunately the industry not only requires us to look our best but after long days on set, clothing pick ups and drop offs and all the other jobs which take their toll, there is seldom time to take the proper needed care of our skin.


With this in mind we were very taken by Skinn’s new NuSonic Cleansing Tool which is said to offer a spa-like beauty treatment at home with it’s pore cleansing technology. Many prefer to not use electric powered device on their skin through fear that it might be too tough and even harmful however the NuSonic Cleansing Tool is  safe for even sensitive skin, which is a relief as it allows for 400 movements per second!


How does it work? The simplest way of explaining the technology is to compare it with an electric toothbrush of all devices!  The pads vibrate as you apply it to your skin allowing for an ultra deep clean not only offering your pores a deep clean but also lessening the appearance of wrinkles on tired skin.

Inside the package you’ll find three additional cleansing heads to suit the needs of your skin. With a standard facial at a salon costing over near $100 per visit, the NuSonic system is really a steal at $149.


To learn more and find out where you can pick your own device,  head over to