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A plentiful and tight gathering, waiting in the wings with anticipation for what lay beyond the black curtains. Clipboards in hand, all authenticity, the preview of what was to come with a flattened wooden pencil for added effect. Curtains aside and the big reveal quickly stole all the breath…taken by a magnanimous display. Upon entering, four distinctive and alluring model gents towered over, in full garb, dressed head to toe. The earthy, rugged and manly traditional rooted feeling Greg Lauren is known for was ever so prominent and so incredibly illustrated. A room designed of mini vignettes, almost station like, allowing you to lose yourself in the moment and be transformed into a reversal back to the 30s and 40s…war, gentlemen, the boxing dances, clothes on the line and live model heroes.

Moving past the introduction of four was a mouth dropping surprise, mounted on a massive platform, stood legendary male supermodel, Tyson Beckford, resembling some sort of Marvel super hero. The music score echoed from from the ground and he stood magically majestic. Just steps away, another character, the ‘Man of Steel.’ As you moved in the circle of the room, a stage of player characters including a tiny surprise, the youngest character, an eight or ten year old paper boy if you may…

The distinguish gentleman came to follow, the finest of live paintings. The dandy club, table side whiskey, live fighters, the locker room, where the muscles jump roped and jabbed, swung while seated. In the center of it all, the vignettes surrounded the boxing ring, where the ring in full completion with boxers and their coach. As they danced round the mat, the sweat dripped and you soon realized you were in Greg Lauren’s very own movie. A live set, with the clothes in their finest of details became embodied and embedded in your mind. Unforgettable and marked, this presentation was undoubtedly a mini short live film artfully illustrated and designed.


Photography: Aneisha Malcom, House Of Malcom

Words: Chaunielle Brown