FAULT NYFW Designer Interview: Rafael Aguirre



Fresh and emerging designer Rafael Aguirre for RALPHYPABLO debuts his first collection and sets a sharpened cool gentleman’s tone. With a refinement and specific details on the basic essentials of a wardrobe. As we caught up with designer, he mentioned his constant flow of traveling back and forth from Miami to New York. Originally from Miami myself, those southern, international caribbean and South American influences and the Miami life are subtly highlighted. He ensures to elevate with a concise and focused ten piece collection and delivers exactly what is needed. With classic majestic Italian wool pea coats in olive, navy and camel, wool slim fit trousers, square neck t-shirts, and Japanese cotton, the minimalist framework is effectively illustrated. Aguirre incorporates streetwear with the always wanted bomber jackets, wide leg trousers as an option and pop of electric blue and black leather, black shearling and neoprene, metal hardware and nylon textiles. Without question, this is sure to become closet staples for many gents all across.


So, tell us about the inspiration for the collection. 

So, this is my first collection, this one means a lot to me. I was very inspired by the past – looking back my father actually inspired this collection. So It was a look back at pieces that he would wear. He was very much a fashion inspiration in my life. I was able to grasp that and kind of modernize it a little bit into my style and what I feel is happening currently in fashion. So a lot of the pieces are familiar but they have little details, cuts that are kind of current, or maybe not so current yet but I what I think is going to be the future of fashion.

What do you feel are the strongest pieces of the collection?

I think The white button down is very classic for me. The way that we have done it, It is a versatile piece, you can wear it casually or dress it up. You can dress it up and it will look very clean and put together. It is a versatile piece so at the end of the day it is one of my favorites.

I also think the jacket with the shearling collar on it with the long sleeves. I am really proud of that one. That’s blending a classic, we are using leather, shearling, mixing it.


I saw a piece of jewelry – the long metal piece on the nose – what is it about?

Our friend, CHRISHABANA, they helped us out with the jewelry


Are you ever going to get into womenswear?

Yeah I think womenswear is definitely in the future. Just want to focus on menswear first and then I think at some point definitely.

Going through fashion week, obviously it is crazy for everybody from all standpoints and yourself a designer showing for the first time. Do you have any fashion week needs, necessities list that keeps you going?

Honestly a comfortable pair of sneakers. Living in NY you got to be able to get around like with this weather – snow, rain, its got to be something you don’t care if its going to get messed up. UBER. UBER is essential. You have to have UBER. They save lives. And then ah, water, stay clean, stay hydrated. I’ve been working out, taking care of myself, water is the best thing.


What is your fault?

I don’t know, (laughs) That is a good question. I mean I definitely have faults, I’m just like embracing them right now. Maybe a fault is wanting to do everything sometimes and just not having enough energy or hours in the day.


The FAULT team thanks you so dearly for having us and we certainly are keeping our eyes peeled for what is to come…


Words: Chaunielle Brown

Photography: Gerardo Vizmanos