Electric pop fusion, spectacular splashes of color and 70s cool write a beautiful story with Mexican emerging designer Ricardo Seco. Seco stuns us all with his magnificent color paint inclusion and quirky tripped out sunglasses to say the least. Pastel pink trims of fur, leather jackets, luscious perfectly belled pants, turtle necks, extraordinary poncho style, traditional Mexican fabrics, rainbow bright street fever and classic stark white New Balance sneakers for uniform. Seco not only creates desirable and wearable mens and womenswear, he excels in doing so with effectively appropriate sprinkled comedic touches, with a long time memorable favorite – Speedy Gonzalez found on leather sleeve. An ideal design introduction. The stunner and belle of the ball, had to be, the now iconic and very much chatted about, “I’M MEXICO, Who is Trump?” t-shirt. Politically and culturally bold, Ricardo Seco is most certainly applauded for this distinctive and alluring collection. Seco’s courageous cool and majestic stance with daring creativity and beliefs set a distinguishing tone and make a statement in capital style.


Words: Chaunielle Brown

Photography: Aniesha Malcolm, House Of Malcolm