SWIG Hip Flasks: Bringing the classic flask into the 21st century

Swig Hip Flask X FAULT

Christmas is upon us and with it comes the agonising task of finding out buying gifts for our loved ones who seemingly have it all and want for nothing. Today on FAULT’s gift guide, we have the SWIG hip flask.
For many years the hip-flask has been a cherished item to many but for the most part, the item has failed to modernise. Of course, not all classic items can however SWIG hip flasks have introduced their product to the 21st century and are growing a community of Swig hip flask owners worldwide with their both innovative and stylish design.

swig hip flask


Why the hype you ask? Each swig flash is individually numbered and acts as your passport to tailored to offers and even free presents and competitions only available to members of the exclusive SWIG Society. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a physical product engage their consumer, but it’s a great addition to the hip-flask. Quality was most certainly the major focus in the production of the flask and the added content is a just a wonderful salute to their growing community.
swig hip flask
What truly sets the flasks atop the rest is the design of their hand moulded leather and Harris Tweed cases. We opted for the black tweet design above (Black and White being oh so classic FAULT!) but SWIG hip flasks also come in a whole host of different colours (pictured above). The versatile designs make them the perfect gift for a range of mature consumers and with a such versatile design they are perfect for an even wider array of occasions.
Welcome back old trusty hip flask, how we’ve missed you!
SWIG hip flask prices start at £61 and accessories from £7. Gift cards and gift sets are also available at  www.swigflasks.com