FEMME, The Golden Girl Of POP – Exclusive FAULT Magazine Interview

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If there’s something we should all be proud of in 2015, it’s the resurgence of good British pop music. Pop has been lifted out of the tarnished swearword realm where it once resided, into something dare we say ‘cool’. To call anything ‘pop’ used to very much be an insult, for to be Pop was to be bubblegum: watered down, fake and manufactured. However this year we’ve been gifted with so many pop and alt-pop anthems, full of badassery by genuine badasses with genuine talent and creative minds, they seem to have redefined the whole meaning of what it means to be ‘pop’.

One such artist is FEMME; you’ll remember her hit track ‘S.O.S’ which lead us into Summer 15. Femme has returned from an awesome tour with previous FAULT Feature Charli XCX (because we’re damn good at predicting new talent), with the release of her latest single ‘Gold’. Another strong alt-pop ballad with a top production and mighty vocal. Musically, Gold keeps you guessing throughout, with countless key changes and beat jumps – the entire whole song is a rollercoaster ride you never want to end.

We sat down with FEMME to find out just how she copes with this whirlwind lifestyle.

FAULT: We just saw your tweet about the album?

FEMME: It was exciting and weirdly nerve-racking, it’s the first time I’ve committed to playing my album in front of people. Normally you’re always doubting yourself saying ‘this could be better’ so it was good to play it back-to-back and get everyone’s opinion on songs. We’re lucky because we have quite a few good songs to play with. It will be most exciting for the fans to have it. It’s great to have your team behind you because they love it and they want to work on it, but it’s getting people who don’t know the music and aren’t paid by you to like it, which it the real challenge. I always like the fan reaction to my music and that’s when it will feel real to me.

Your video for GOLD dropped 2 weeks ago, and you said that visuals were really important to you, are live performance visuals as important to all your performances?

100%! Because all I do isn’t 100% planned, I make all the music myself a lot of the time and I produce it myself so taking it to the stage and then to video is one of the most exciting bits for me, because it gets other people involved and brings the project alive. So for live shows, I like to incorporate the theatrics that we show in our videos. It’s a party setting and a lot to look at but sometimes it’s essentially a dj set with a lot of dancing and it’s very entertaining.

Do you prefer performing live?

I don’t think I could pick between the two. I love being on stage and interacting with an audience and seeing people excited about the music that I do feels like home. It’s so affirming to be on stage and have people singing your music back at you. I’ve never worked on a project where people do that but recently it’s turned a corner and it’s a good feeling.

With your album complete – with the culmination of your album being out, this will be the first time as a soloist you’ve put out a full body of work for enjoyment but also scrutiny. Is that scary now it’s all on you and just you?

In some ways it is but at the same time, because I know I’ve made all the decisions it’s good to know that there’s no one else to blame. If there was any doubt and there was someone else telling me what to do then I’d have someone to blame. Now however I know whole-heartedly that if this album isn’t a success and doesn’t reach as many as I’d hoped, I’d still be comfortable in the knowledge that it was a true reflection of what I wanted to do. I think that’s the strength in what I’ve done so far – that people see my creative vision. Similar to Grimes who has so much over what she does creatively album-to-album, it might not be to everyone’s place but at least 100% of her heart is behind it.

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As a producer/songwriter how great is it to have full control of your craft?

It’s good but at the same time there is definitely room to take on a 2nd or 3rd opinion. While I do all the creative, without help I would just be in tunnel vision mode and that wouldn’t be healthy.

What is your plan for the rest of the year?

I have written my first original Christmas song! It started as a laugh between myself and the bullet girls (who are in my music video). It’s usually just us getting together and filming a Christmas cover somewhere in my house, but this year I had a bit more time so I’ve written a Christmas tune and we’ve shot a video for that.

What is your FAULT?

Oh wow there are so many! I’m a bit head-strong and a bit of a control freak. I was never good at swallowing tablets but is that a FAULT? I’ll wear a pair of shoes even though they’re uncomfortable then get home to cry.