FAULT Magazine Weekly Playlist: My Gold Mask


We’ve been fans of Chicago based trio My Gold Mask since hearing “Voices to Ghosts” off their 2009 self-titled album so when they asked us to do a playlist, we of course jumped at the opportunity. A blend of industrial pop and more experimental sounds, the music of My Gold Mask calls to mind the 90s alternative styles of Garbage and MGM’s lead singer Gretta Rochelle could very well be a modern day Shirley Manson.

Take a listen below to some of MGM’s choice songs including several past collaborators Tying Tiffany, Mr. Kitty and more.

“These are simply songs and artists that inspire us in one way or another. They may not be direct influences…more just things we’re loving right now. But we feel they all sort of inform, in one way or another, where our head space was at during the creation of our new album Anxious Utopia.” – Gretta and Jack

Mr. Kitty – In Your Blood

“One of our favorite current artists. Lightness and darkness coexist with great melody. Mr. Kitty remixed our track ‘Battles’ and plays keyboard on our track ‘Lipstick Bruises’ which will be featured on our new album.”

Wax Idols – Deborah

“So badass. We love the sound and raw power of Wax Idols.”

Pat Benatar – We Live For Love (Live)

“When it comes to mixing hard rock vibes with dreamy synthpop and spot on melody….it just doesn’t get better than this.”

iamamiwhoami – Chasing Kites

“We’ve been listening to iamamiwhoami for quite some time and this is our favorite track. Inspiring and spacious feeling.”

The Soft Moon – Zeros

“We dig the post industrial sound of Soft Moon. Dark and moody…just how we like it.”

FKA Twigs – Two Weeks (Live on KEXP)

“FKA Twigs is royalty. This live version of Two Weeks is amazing. James has been using a Roland SPDSX in our live sets like this for a couple years now.”

Alex Zelenka (Feat VIRGO) – Out Of Touch

“We are fans of VIRGO and especially of this track produced by Crystal Castles engineer Alex Zelenka. Alex also recently remixed our track ‘Dangerous’.”

Tying Tiffany – One Second

“This is the first track we discovered of Tying Tiffany’s on Soundcloud and it instantly triggered repeat listens. Tiff also remixed our track ‘Dissipate’.”

Telepathe – Fuck You Up

“We really enjoy the tribal-like rhythms of Telepathe.”

Metric – Breathing Underwater

“We had the honor of opening for Metric at House Of Blues and were so impressed by their perfect synthesis of rock and synthpop.”

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