Photographer Oliveiro Toscani releases book

More than fifty years of magnificent failures

Unapologetic photographer Oliviero Toscani is releasing a coffee table book of his work, that’s just made its way to the top of our Christmas wish list.

The Italian photographer is best known for his controversial advertising campaigns for United Colors of Benneton in the 80s but created a number of iconic images, often exploring taboo subjects including homosexuality, racism and anorexia.

Oliviero Toscani annorexia

Oliviero Toscani photography

Toscani says: “The army of non-creative people is huge, it includes a mass of bureaucrats who claim that their positions of power give them the right to block creative processes, they exist to cut down to a level of mediocrity every idea that is not stupid enough to gain consensus; that’s why all automobiles look like one another, television programmes are interchangeable, different brands of clothing propose an identical style. We must have the courage to risk being different.”

Oliviero Toscani lou reed

‘Oliviero Toscani: More than Fifty Years of Magnificent Failures’ is available now from Prion Books, priced £35.

Oliviero Toscani Andy Warhol