FAULT Tech Focus: Light L16 Camera Starts Taking Pre Orders In Europe

Courtesy: Light (http://light.co/)
Courtesy: Light (http://light.co/)

The highly anticipated Light L16 is now available for pre-order in Europe. While we have yet to see the camera in action, if it can truly live up to the hype we could be looking at phenominal industry game-changer.

 How Does It Work?

Without trying to repeat all three years of photography school knowledge onto you, I’ll sum this up as fast as possible. In order to take a photo on any digital camera, light travels through the camera’s lens and makes contact with the camera’s sensor thus creating the image.

On phones and comopact digital cameras, the sensor is usually very small compared to larger DSLR cameras and compact system cameras. The problem with having a camera with a larger sensor is that it comes with a physically increased body size and weight which we don’t always want to be lugging round our various engagements.

Enter the Light L16 – how could this small pocket size camera plan to rival the large sensor DLSR? With 16 sensors, that’s how! Instead of capturing an image with only one sensor and only one lens, the light L16 could use up to 10 of it’s sensors for just a single image. With all the lenses mounted on the camera’s back, the developers have been able to keep such photography power in a very small package.

Courtesy: Light (http://light.co/)

Will it work?

It goes without saying that only time will tell if the L16 will work and be worth it. With a relatively high sale price of £1100 when compared to other compact cameras, there’s a chance that it will outprice a lot of the market however it’s important to remember that the best camera is the camera you have on you and lugging a massive camera around all day can really cramp one’s style.

That being said, we should also consider the professional photography market. Backstage fashionweek photography and behind the scenes photoshoot photography is proving extremely difficult for photographers as more and more mammoth sized cameras battle one another in pursuit of the perfect shot. Now imagine you remove all that clutter, all the nudging, all the pissed off makeup artists shoving you out of the way and photographers can slip in and slip out with ease thanks to their slimline equipment with professional standard image quality. Again, only time will tell, but it’s enough to get us excited here at FAULT and we look forward for the first field test results from the camera.

For a more detailed introduction to the Light L16 camera, check out the video below!


The Light L16 is now available for Pre-Order with a just a £199 deposit. For more infomation, head over to Spot.light.co