FAULT Online Premieres – Tim Muddiman & The Strange latest track: ‘Drugs’

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Today we are very proud to host the premiere link to Tim Muddiman & The Strange’s latest track entitled ‘Drugs‘. Despite the title, this track isn’t a direct love letter to the LSD generation nor a glamorising sonnet towards narcotics. Quite the opposite. The track calls for us to put down our drugs and instead fill the void with ‘love’.

Hints of blues, 80’s electro and a rich brooding vocal, by their own admission, makes it is hard to find a music genre to place this track but we love that. The music video itself is an artwork. Directed by Tim Muddiman himself alongside & Adam Fitch.

On the song and video, Tim has this to say:

‘The song and video is written in third person. Third person to a spirit. A spirit of addiction to heightened senses , visuals , music , love, money and who can feel pure love.’

Tim is openly inspired by Jim Jarmusch, David Lynch, modern culture and the spirit of humans. The movement and dance are the spirits dancing in the fire of life and looking it straight in the eyes and letting that spirit free to live life with love, art & music and to the full.

 But that’s enough of us just talking about it – see the awesome video below! We’re very proud to host this one!