FAULT Magazine Weekly Playlist: Tom Misch


20-year-old Southeast London based beatmaker Tom Misch is far from your average producer. His music brings to mind memories of warmer days and poetically interweaves differing styles. One of our favorite Misch releases is “Sunshine,” a melodic tropical house tune with Tom’s own soulful vocals. With almost a million plays to date, we think it’s only a matter of time before everyone’s on board the Tom Misch train.

We’ve asked Misch to put together some of his current favourite tunes for us to get a better idea of where he draws his inspiration. Dive in below.

Jordan Rakei – Street Light (feat. Gwen Bunn)

“I love the way Jordan merges songwriting and his production sound in this track. It’s also exciting cause he’s a mate of mine and I get to jam with this genius!”

Haitus Kaiyote – The Lung

“The band’s use of harmony and chords is amazing and the progression in this track gives me chills. I love their use of live instruments and the arrangement of strings. Great thinking music.”

Kaytranada – At All

“I’ve recently been falling in love with Kaytranada’s sound, seeing him live twice has completely converted me into a mad fan. His stuff makes anyone move and its feel good. I also respect his sound sonically, I don’t know how he does it but it sounds so fat and clean.”

Butcher Brown – Sticky July

“This is a band I discovered a few days ago when my mate told me to check them out. The leader of the band DJ Harrison I’ve been following his beats for a while but never knew he ran a band as well. Pure soul jazz groove and this shit sounds amazing.”

Gogo Penguin – Hopopono

“Discovered this track recently as well, but fell in love with the mood and vibe. Beautiful dreamy harmony between the piano bass and drums and suited my mood exactly at the moment I first heard it.”

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