FAULT Magazine Weekly Playlist: Love Ssega


R&B meets disco deliciousness with London based artist Love Ssega. The former Clean Bandit vocalist recently released his “Pray For Love,” a warm funky tune filled with retro synths and vocals that remind us a little bit of David Bowie. We asked the singer to put together a playlist of some of his favorites tunes and the result is mirrored blend of his East African and British influences.

Mim suleiman – nyuli

“If you have groove, I don’t need to sell this to you. Nothing is overdone here. Plus she’s East African so that has to be a good thing”

Young Fathers – Shame

“The most exciting new band in Britain. They make music as if they’re not scared. That’s exciting to me. And their live performance is off the chart. We need more artists like this”

Cassius – I Love U So (Official Video)

“I dig a lot of French electronic music. It’s always exciting and fresh. I could have put anything from Ed Banger on this playlist, but this one from Cassius wins for the visuals and killer hook”

Ata Kak – Obaa Sima

“Starts off with sweatboy vocals and then throws in a gully Ghanian rap at the end for fun. It’s this crazy, original stuff that inspires me”

Kano – Garage Skank FREESTYLE Video

“Kano was the voice of my London growing up. From the raves, pirate radio to the night buses. This video is just like him – authentic. Doing it to this day on his own terms”

Breakbot – Back for More

“I snuck this in because I love basslines. Simple as that”

The Clash – Guns of Brixton

“London has many cultures living here. That’s the beauty of the place. Real Londoners speak up to protect this and spread love. Who better to play us out than the daddies… The Clash”