FAULT FUTURE: Steven A. Clark Talks Music with FAULT Online



Happy New Music Monday! We sat down to talk to Steven A. Clark shortly after the release of his debut album entitled ‘The Lonely Roller‘. Steven struggled to find his footing within a music genre he could call home but with influcenes from Michael Jackson, N.E.R.D and Kanye West’s 808s, he has bloomed at the perfect time. With the resurgence of true RnB and 80s synth-pop sounds currently ruling the airways, it’s the perfect time to get to know this FAULT: Future. We’re very excited to hear what else is to come but for now, please enjoy the interview.


FAULT: You’ve recently released your debut album, after the success you had with your LP “Stripes” and your EP “LATE”. What have you taken from those two and merged  into the full album? What have you decided to leave out?

Steven: We kept a couple of records from the earlier projects because those songs birthed the sound of this album. I wanted to include those songs because they were two of the main parts of the lonely roller story. These songs are lonely roller and she’s in love.


Your music can be seen as a confessional. Did you find it difficult to outpour emotionally on a record?

No, I’m a fairly introverted person so my release/therapy comes from writing songs.




In terms of influences, we can hear a lot going on. Which ones were at the creative forefront of the album?

Definitely Michael Jackson and Peter Gabriel. You can throw in some Bruce Springsteen, Tom petty, 808s Kanye.


You haven’t collaborated musically with any other singers. Is this something that you’d consider in the future? Who do you feel would complement your sound best?

I’m not sure who the ideal collab would be, but I’m not opposed giving it a shot. That’s not something I would want to force. I’d like for it to happen naturally. There are so many great artists nowadays.


What do you feel is the most important bit in your development as an artist?

I think it’s just about living. It’s about the journey and keeping an open mind to the things I find inspiring.


What is your FAULT? 

Fear is my fault.


Words: Adina Ilie



Get Steven A. Clark’s debut album on the links below: 

iTunes: http://smarturl.it/stevenaclark_it

Amazon: http://smarturl.it/stevenaclark_amz

Support your local independent record store:http://smarturl.it/stevenaclark_indies