Brooklyn 4-piece MOTHXR release new track ‘Touch’ 



Over the past year, MOTHXR have quietly released a number of tracks that have seen massive support from online platforms. Now, after signing with Kitsune as their first record label, the Brooklyn-based 4-piece MOTHXR reveal their new track ‘Touch‘.

Prior to this, the band have had a sold out London show with no record label and a handful of tracks. Admittedly they have had the added bonus of having a Gossip Girl actor at the forefront of their band, but it would be unfair to attribute their success merely to that. With over 300,000+ plays on Soundcloud last year alone and 25,000 on Spotify, their genre-defying sound is what’s ear-catching at the end of the day.


Their track ‘Easy’ was a top ten track on Hype Machine and the song sat at #1 on the Billboard and Twitter Emerging Artist charts in May. With a track record of undeniable support, MOTHXR are slowly but surely carving their own niche and their reign of cool seems unstoppable.
Words: Adina Ilie