Lights of Soho opens new exhibition: Signs That Say What You Want Them To Say

Dannielle Hodson woman and the moon

On the evening of 8th of October, Lights of Soho opened their doors to welcome a new wave of neon artists.

The exhibition accurately entitled “Lights That Say What You Want Them To Say” showcased over 30 artists from around the globe. The show, curated by renowned light artist Robert Montgomery, united storytellers and poets alike.

ClusterFront - Bobby PatmoreThe gallery hosted a wide range of neon art. You had traditional approaches to neon, courtesy of Victoria Lucas, who uses art with selected subject matter that play on memory, narrative, absence and temporality. Her piece, ‘Quiet Dustis a quote taken from Bronte’s Jane Eyre and relates to the aftermath of an event and describes the eerie stillness after an encounter has taken place.

Although it may have seemed from the distance that the artworks were clustered around the gallery, all the items were connected in the subtlest way. It was a show that was deep rooted in lyrical inspiration and stories hidden beneath the bright lights.

Victoria Lucas - Quiet Dust

When talking about the exhibition, curator Robert Montgomery said that in an ideal world we would give the billboards back to the people and everyone could write their dreams in neon. Which is exactly what’s happening now at Light of Soho.

Neon Orb - Mark Beattie


Signs That Say What You Want Them To Say is open to the public until November 21st


Words: Adina Ilie