FAULT reviews Buttercup Bill


The first film from Sadie Frost and Emma Comley’s production company Blonde to Black Pictures, ‘Buttercup Bill’ is a chilling story of love, sex, mind games and dark desires.

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Directed by, and starring, Remy Bennett – granddaughter of Tony Bennett – it follows long lost friends Pernilla (Bennett) and Patrick (Evan Louison) who reunite following the suicide of another childhood friend.

Despite the years that have gone past, there’s an undeniable chemistry between the two that starts with childish play fighting and escalates into games of sexual jealousy, using those around them as pawns. From the moment Pernilla arrives in the sweaty, free-spirited town in America’s Deep South where Patrick has been keeping his distance questions are raised and tensions get higher and higher. Why do these two soul mates resist their urge to be together? And could the death of their play mate have something to do with it?

Remy Bennett Buttercup Bill

Patrick and Pernilla Buttercup Bill

Having premiered at New Orleans Film Festival, Raindance and MARFA, it has now been released in the UK. With female directors and producers it’s a triumph for women in film as well as a gripping and brilliantly made story that puts a dark twist on the romantic notion of childhood sweethearts.

‘Buttercup Bill’ opens in cinemas today.