‘Cazzette’ – The Electronic Music Duo Chat with FAULT Online

You may not recognise this duo without their cassette-tapehead pieces but Cazzette have burst onto the electronic music scene with their breakthrough track ‘Beam Me Up’ in 2012 and have been going from strength to strength with each release. Sebastian Furrer & Alexander Björklund both hail from Sweden, the same Sweden that gave the world Icona PopAlesso and Avicii (who Cazzette have performed alongside.) We sat down with the young producer to learn their process and their plans for the future.
FAULT: We just checked out your new video “Genius” and got a bit jealous. Was it an average day for Cazzette in Ibiza? How did you go about making this beautiful video? 

Cazzette: We wish! Usually we are in and out in less than 12 hours. It was an amazing experience to actually stay on the beautiful island that is Ibiza. That particular day we played alongside Avicii, Zedd and Ruby Rose. We just tried to have as much fun as possible and just be ourselves, which we feel gave the video a very genuine vibe.


Your recently released “Desserts” EP sounds terrific to us, and just like your previous works this one has a new sound. Why do you like experimenting with the music rather than sticking to one genre, and do you plan doing it in the future? 

Evolving as producers is the top priority for us and the agenda has never been about fitting the buzz sound of the time. It feels natural for us to explore within music and see what comes out of it. Too often people in dance music get stuck in bubbles with what’s hot at the time and for us that just isn’t appealing atall.


What are you working on at the moment?

 We are in North America right now on an awesome tour and are on the road for the next couple of months. As always we are spending as much time in the studio as possible, but the tour has been pretty time consuming, especially after getting the EP finished.
You are originally from Sweden that is famous for its electronic music. How did Sweden Dance Music scene influence your music production? It must be hard to believe in yourself when working in such a saturated market.

Actually seeing all these other producers succeeding was a huge motivation for us in the beginning. If they could do it, so could we. As a result there are a lot of creative people to bounce of in Sweden and some of our favourite moments have been alongside amazing singers and songwriters from the country, like Jonas ‘The High’ who we recorded ‘Sleepless’ with.


How did you like Creamfields this year? Any interesting UK festivals scheduled for the next summer?

Creamfields this year was great. We extended our set with 30 mins since mr.(Martin)Garrix was late. It’s pretty rare to get a whole two hours on the main stage of a festival these days and it’s cool to build a longer set at a festival. As always the crowd were a lot of fun too, we had a blast.


As far as we know you guys were making your music distantly via Skype. Has it changed now? Do you also work in a studio?

Not as much as you might think! We each have our own studios and still send files back and forth. It is rare you will find us in the same room unless we are recording a vocalist or something. It sounds weird, but that’s just how it works for us.


What’s your approach to music production?  

It’s about having fun and doing interesting things with live music and technology. Our approach is definitely more song orientated now. Those one off ‘bangers’ just don’t really do it for us.
What’s your FAULT?
It’s never our fault!
Words: Ksenia Safrey