Lights of Soho brings Nevada’s Black Rock Desert into the heart of London through The Art Of Burning Man.


Lights of Soho is London’s latest gallery and member’s club addition that’s got everyone talking. Embracing Soho’s history, the space once known as a porn shop (with a secret basement that previously hosted a brothel nonetheless) now operates as a cultural hub for creative neon and light art. Their acclaimed premiere exhibition, City Lights, included works from reputable light art artists alongside the up and coming, showcasing the likes of Tracey Emin, Gavin Turk, Robert Montgomery and many more.

For the second time round, Lights of Soho sets Brewer street ablaze with a new wave of artwork entitled The Art of Burning Man, an homage to the vibrant art and culture of the festival.


If you’re not a fan of spending 7 days in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, this exhibition is pretty much the embodiment of everything that Burning Man stands for. It’s a place for art, self-expression and self-reliance. Although it’s nothing quite like the real deal, The Art of Burning Man is as close as you get to the full experience, except that you’re in a confined space with air conditioning and a drink in your hand.

For the first time in the history of the festival, the artworks are taken out of the festival’s context and put on display for everyone to see. Photographer NK Guy has been documenting the show ever since it’s early days in 1998 to its contemporary life in 2014 and he’s now releasing it to the public through his new book, The Art of Burning Man, published by Taschen.


The gallery showcased some of his iconic prints alongside site-specific installations from artist duo Shuster + Moseley. Although the sculptures were made with Burning Man in thought, they’re slightly more delicate in nature than what you’d usually see on the festival’s site. You’ve got tiny glass sculptures hanging from the ceiling that manipulate natural and artificial light alongside a magnificent light installation that unifies geometry, lights and perceptual elements. It’s quite a visual treat.

Lights of Soho provided another immersive experience through The Art of Burning Man and their events promise to be getting bigger and better. The exhibition will be running on Brewer Street from the 24th of July until September 10th and, if you feel like grabbing a copy of NK Guy’s The Art of Burning Man, rest assured that it’s available for purchase at the gallery.

Words: Adina Ilie