Heyrocco – Our latest FAULT Future proving that grunge isn’t dead


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American grunge band ‘Heyrocco‘ caught FAULT’s radar a while back while back after we read an article claiming that ‘grunge’ was dead. Obviously we disagreed and made the decision to make sure our next FAULT Future was a credible grunge act. So, where better to look than South Carolina which has produced some of the world’s most notable musicians. Finally, we found HeyRocco who coincidentally were touring in the UK so we caught up with the band to chat music and prove that grunge still has its place within the music industry. A great band to photograph and hilarious to interview, allow us to introduce you to Heyrocco.

Tell us a little about yourselves, when and how did you form?

Like a rash we formed right in the white-trash upper outskirts of Charleston. Spreading up and down coasts from the east to the west playing every shit hole from here to hell. We was six strings from homeless!

‘Heyrocco’ is quite an unusual choice of name, what’s the significance behind it and what does it mean?

We usually tell people it was Cool’s pet turtle, but the name was honestly inspired by a Mexican restaurant

South Carolina is home to a wide range of musical talent, from Band of Horses to James Brown, is there a particular band or artists that inspired you to start your own band?

Jimi Hendrix Experience – they’re from South Carolina!


You describe your sound quite unusually as ‘Disney Grunge’ what do you mean by that and what kind of sound are you envisioning?

The name came from our current debut album Teenage Movie Soundtrack. The album consists of melodies inspired by animated Disney classics with tones straight out of a genre commonly known as Grunge.

How have you enjoyed touring around the UK, have you noticed a difference between American and British fans?

Everywhere is very much the same. You have your basic fans, your fangirls, drunk dads, sober dads, cool guy promoters, hopefully laid back sound guys, sketchy close-talkers, overly sexual photographers and a non-present Jimmy Page.


Do you have a favourite gig so far? Which show do you look back on as your stand out and why?

We enjoy playing music anywhere it is the most fun we have. Especially the UK and Europe, they take care of bands. We just got 50 drink tickets in Holland…Something always goes down in Scotland. Both visits have been down to the bottom of every bottle. Crowds like to party there, they don’t give a fuck about taking a picture or sending a tweet, it’s incredible really. They dig extremities of out-there music.
_13-piece-4Finally, what is your FAULT?
Bad parenting. Public school. Being a failure. What’s yours?…

Photography: Miles Holder
Words: Juliana Piskorz