FAULT Reviews – Sibling SS16

Sibling’s SS16 was an American Dream set in Soho- jocks in knitted jockstraps, neon shoulder-pads, and the return of the bumster trouser (but with a lot more butt for your buck.) Knit tank tops and lace-up trousers took sportswear and transformed it – with the lacing rigid and elaborate as if the boys were corseted into their gear. The colour palette was largely blue and orange, and models laughed down the runway whilst waving pom-poms. It was over-the-top and a lot of fun- two hallmarks of a Sibling show (and so appreciated by the fashion crowd.) It’s easy for the staples of Americana to seem lazy in their endless kitsch, but there is a raw energy to Sibling’s design approach, and this show had a divine sleaze that gave the imagery and pieces a different dimension.
Words: Will Ballantyne-Reid