FAULT Reviews – KTZ SS16


KTZ’s aggressive machismo was set off by an industrial setting with iron fencing lining the path of the catwalk which was lit by white neon lights.

From behind this hostile set came PVC rain coats, flashes of silver on trouser legs and patent leather shorts for a high-shine collection with an electric surge running through it. Racing car red, blue and yellow zigged across cut out tank tops with sports numbers emblazoned on them and words like “max” “high voltage” and “anger” used like logos across them.

The show pieces were tank tops and trousers in the extreme sport-inspired print with a matching parachute billowing out behind the models.

Sports sandals were strapped to feet and fingerless gloves on hands while knee high socks had lines printed on them, reflecting the straps printed on jackets, t-shirts and basketball shorts.

Some unusual, upcycled materials including paper, cardboard, rubber, plastic, aluminum, nylon and electrical tape were used, referencing childhood creativity, and the endless possibilities afforded by innocence to be whatever you want to be.

The KTZ man has never been one to mess with and for spring/summer 16, if you do, he’ll jump.   

Words: Olivia Pinnock