FAULT Chats with Actress & star of ‘Episodes’ – Kathleen Rose Perkins



You’ve been filming Episodes for 5 years now. What can you tell us about your whole experience, from the starting point to where you are now? 

The first season of Episodes was written in its entirety before anyone, save for Matt Leblanc, was cast. So we just had to come in and do our best at representing the creators’ idea of the characters. Then subsequently each season was written with us, the particular actors, in mind. It’s been really lovely and also scary to see where they have taken my character based on where they think I can go as an actress. I’ve become quite close with the creators, Jeffrey Klarik and David Crane, and I feel honored to have gone on this journey of developing one of the most fun and complicated characters I’ll ever have the privilege to play. And honestly, it’s lovely and scary at how much my personal growth has mirrored Carol’s experience. It will be weird to say goodbye to her when that day comes.

You’ve sort of been portraying a character that’s nearly constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Was that challenging for you? 

No, it’s not a challenge. I’m pretty high strung myself, so I get where she is coming from and why she reacts the way she does. It’s exhausting more than challenging! Sometimes I want so desperately to just buy the girl a drink. But thankfully they write in the scenes where Carol and Beverly partake in “medicinal marijuana”. That balances her “crazy” out a bit.

Starting with the last season, was there a particular moment or episode you were most excited for your fans to see? 

I could not wait to shoot the hiking scene in Episode 9 of Season 4. It’s my favorite scene I have ever been able to do in any project I have ever been in. I will say, all hiking scenes and “getting high” scenes tend to be my favorite of every season. I get to work with the amazing Tamsin Greig and wear comfortable shoes. That’s like heaven to me!

What’s it like working side by side with Matt LeBlanc? Was it hard for you to detach from all the hype that surrounded him after Friends

Honestly I don’t really know what it’s like working with him. In four seasons of this show, we have exchanged a total of five lines with each other as our characters. His character barely knows my characters name. I have heard through the grapevine that he’s a dream to work with. So I hope some day I can get cast in a show where I can actually work with him:)

Outside the television work that you’ve done, you’ve also appeared on the big screen in Gone Girl with Ben Affleck. There was so much buzz around it even before it got released. What was it like being part of that buzz? 

Wonderful. In this business, buzz is worth it’s weight in gold. Good buzz is the best kind. I was a big fan of the book and couldn’t wait to see the movie. And what an added bonus to actually be able to be IN the movie. It was truly awesome.

Speaking of the big screen, there is a massive difference production-wise between Gone Girl and television series. Was it hard for you to switch gears like that? 

You know what, every single project to me is different and similar. I’ve been on some movie sets that move at the same pace as television sets. And I’ve been on some TV shows that are just like big budget movies. Each set is particular and peculiar and unique and scary and wonderful. And so much depends on the writing and the directing. Those people, I feel, are the ones that dictate how a project runs. It’s actually fascinating to be able to bounce around from job to job and compare and contrast. I love being a freelance contractor of sorts. Keeps me on my toes and teaches a helluva lot.

Back to your TV work, Ballot Monkeys only just started in the UK. For everyone who hasn’t watched it, why should they? 

Well, it is truly cutting edge television, in my opinion. Not only is it informative, like the news, but it’s entertaining, funny, witty, and has characters you care about and start to champion. Or hate. And it’s wildly current. It’s the best way to follow what is happening in a political event, such as an election. And I am desperate for the creators to bring the show over to the states so we can do it in 2016 for the presidential election here. I think it would do very well. Just like it has in the UK.

What’s your FAULT? 

Words: Adina Ilie
Photography: Ricky Middlesworth