FAULT Focus: Interview and Photoshoot with Charlie Barker



Was there another blogger who inspired you or was it just something you wanted to do?
It seems the norm to have a blog so I got one, now it’s just something I do in my spare time


When did you realise that you were a ‘person of interest’ in the fashion industry? Was there a flood of followers one morning or did your following grow organically over time?

FLOOOOD!!! My last birthday was crazy people were wishing me happy birthday and the next day I woke up with like 10x the amount i had, what cuties!




As a writer and artist – you’re always in control of your craft. You decide what you write about, what you want to paint, what angle you want to take with a blog post. As a model, you hand all that power away to another team and work as a tool. As such a creative person, is it hard to not to be in control of creative direction.

Sure, it’s very time consuming if i had all the time in the world then no, its pretty easy i just put my mind to it and colour co-ordinate things and everything looks cute.


Do you have a clear idea of where you want your platform to lead in say 10 years time of are you just going with the flow of it all now?  

I haven’t thought about it I’m just living at the moment

Do you have a favourite designer?

Nasir Mazhar



If you had to pick between the writing, the modelling or your painting – which one would come out on top?



Photography: Daniel Sachon

Charlie Barker: Select Models
Make-Up and Hair: Amy Sachon