FAULT Magazine Reviews Covent Garden’s – Thai Square Spa

Before I comment on my experience at the Thai Square Spa, it is only right that I point out that I have just returned from Asia where I experienced a whole host of “authentic” face massages, scrubs and peels, ranging from the soothing to the downright scary. It’s not that I’m used to being pampered or an expert on the practice, but I am very used to being under a lot of pressure, stressed and endlessly busy (not unlike many of our readers working in the creative industry)! So I took the chance to try out the Thai Square Spa in Covent Garden’s latest treatment the ‘Gentlemen’s Collagen Recharge Facial’.



Leaving the busy streets of Covent garden and entering the spa, I could already feel myself beginning to relax as I was greeted at the front desk and led into the sublimely decorated spa area. Once within the spa area I was offered some chai tea and a choice of magazines to read while I waited (they didn’t have a copy of FAULT but I won’t hold it against them…!)


I entered my treatment room where I met my very professional aesthetician and she began to cleanse my feet before the facial which I was not expecting but never the less I was pleasantly surprised. I’ll take a little break here to comment on the professionalism of the staff; in short – they’re brilliant. From the people working the front desk to my aesthetician, everyone was friendly, attentive and genuinely wanted to make sure my stay was as comfortable as possible.

The facial itself lasted an hour and I spent the whole time forcing myself to stay awake – it was that relaxing. Placing a warm towel on my face to open up my pores before applying a cleanser to flush all impurities left me feeling refreshed within the first minute of my 60 minute facial. Again, it’s not the sort of thing I tend to seek out in London (as in I never do) but I see now why so many people flock to try them out.

[disclaimer: this isn't me but I'm sure I looked far less attractive]
[disclaimer: this isn’t me ]
The aromas in the room from the different oils and lotions used not only on my face but my shoulders and arms only added to the relaxing experience. The aesthetician knew where my face needed to be worked and how to work it, firmly removing days, weeks, years and decades of stress from the out-of-shape skin on my face.

After my treatment was over I was offered another refreshment and invited to stay and unwind in their relaxation room but alas the office beckoned.

The relaxation room
The relaxation room


It’s only right that I write about the after effects of the facial. For the remainder of the day, my face remained hydrated without any need to apply any moisturiser. My skin has definitely become softer and bouncier to the touch, almost fluffy. I do now regret not asking more questions about the different lotions that were used, as they did offer a range of them for purchase and it obviously worked!


All in all I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Thai Square Spa. Not only for the relaxing facial but for how relaxing the whole experience was. It’s easy to forget how quickly an experience can go sour due to bad service or an untidy environment but everything at the spa was seamless. Even if I don’t revisit (which I’m sure I will), I will definitely see to getting vouchers to gift to friends and family now that I know I can trust whomever I send to have as great a time. After visiting, it’s obvious why so many have called it the best spa they’ve visited and I would say the same.


Thai Square Spa is without a doubt, the best spa I have visited at home or abroad. Absolutely FAULTless. 


For more info head over to: http://www.thaisquarespa.com/