FAULT Focus – Young designer -Liselore Frowijn, unveils cutting-edge collection ‘Fracture Space’.



After winning big at the Dutch Couture Award and Prix Chloe at Hyeres International Festival of Fashion with her graduating collection ‘Afternoon of a Replican’, Liselore Frowijn is gearing up to launch her SS15 collection entitled ‘Fracture Space’.

Fracture Space is inspired by artist Oscar Kokoschka as well as the famous paper cut outs of Matisse. Within that, you’ll also see pieces like the skirt above which draws inspiration from military dress code while at the same time blending with elegant-chaos into the corrugated frill.



Fracture Space doesn’t as much bridge the gap between sportswear and luxury – but rather it forces both sides of the market together, revealing the beauty in the discord of each piece.

‘The concept of this collection is based on the famous cut-outs of Matisse, his final work. These enormous collages in bright colors represent his own imaginary world. It was this world I wanted to create for a modern young woman during our era, where speed is an important subject.”

-Liselor Frowijn



Through use of cutting, pasting and rearranging each garment, Fowijn was able to follow the bright aesthetic of Matisse’s final work (from whom the collection is inspired) and use sportswear inspired lycra in a mélange of elegance. Each piece is quite literally built from the ground up – piece by piece until there is a perfect blend between “aestheticism and imperfection”, a somewhat perfection imperfection.


The collection is clearly aimed at the confident, openminded and stylish consumer looking for something “different” but not outlandish. Her complex, layered ensembles play off the clash between the ease of sportswear and the luxury of formal attire.


Liselore Frowijn creates a characteristic world and colorful atmosphere, balancing on the narrow border of high and low cultures, for a woman who is fully at ease with herself, moving elegantly and dynamically. Every new design is as a living painting, carefully built up as a collage, where she is always searching for the perfect balance between aestheticism and imperfection, juxtaposed all together.!

The idea is practical luxury, suitable for a youthful, active lifestyle.

For more info head over to LiselorFrowijn.com