The Reverb Conspiracy Vol 3. – A hazy, guitar-fuelled exploration of the psychedelic genre

Kicking off 2015 with the latest instalment in their Psych Nouveau series, Fuzz Club Records have teamed up with The Reverberation Appreciation Society (from the founders of Austin Psych Fest) to release The Reverb Conspiracy Vol 3. A hazy, guitar-fuelled exploration of the psychedelic genre, this contemporary compilation is a must for anyone attracted to alt music scenes and mind-bending aural distortion.


Inspired by the original Psych Rock sounds of the 60’s – think Woodstock, Americana, bands like Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and all the trippy narcotics that go with it – the rise of the Psych Nouveau movement in Europe owes a lot to The Reverb Conspiracy records. From 2012, the series has brought together up-and-coming acts from across the continent, drawing hoards of fans to popular events like The Reverb Conspiracy Tour and other psych-themed festivals that sprung up in its wake. UK label Fuzz Club Records and Stateside project The Reverberation Appreciation Society work as the perfect collab to bridge the gap across the pond, bringing these underground sounds to an international new generation.


For the third Reverb Conspiracy album, tracks by 15 Fuzz Club artists have been curated into a pure, DIY approach collection, demonstrating Psych Nouveau’s diverse range of influences that span beyond its psychedelic roots – from blues, folk and electronic to noise, ambient, stoner and rock ‘n’ roll. Featured acts include GOAT (from Anton Newcombe of Brian Jonestown Massacre) and Lola Colt, along with Undisco Kidd, Mugstar and Francois Sky. Top FAULT picks? We love the irresistibly dancey synth-powered ‘Ausland’ and soaring, surreal ‘SUDDENLINES’.


As with the previous records, The Reverb Conspiracy has been described by Fuzz Club’s Casper Dee as a 21st century Nuggets series (a collection of psychedelic albums released in the 80’s – well worth a listen if you want to expand your knowledge of the genre).

The Reverb Conspiracy Vol. 3 is out now. This double album will be limited to 1,200 numbered copies, alongside 1,000 CDs – get your copy while you can!

Words: Char McManus