LFW February ’15, Day 5: The FAULT AW15 Daily Edit

The FAULT Magazine Editors have been busy catching the shows this season at London Fashion Week. We present here, our exclusive daily edit of the must-see London shows. Be sure to stay tuned to FAULT Online for exclusive backstage photography, daily updates and our daily show edit. To see the new season collections, with us, as they happen check out our official Instagram


Anya Hindmarch


Imagination and creativity are never in shortage at Anya Hindmarch and this season was no exception. Speeding down the M25 catwalk came models printed in signs we all know but perhaps never thought could be so fashionable. Due to the vast amount of time spent, by Anya Hindmarch, on the M25 she decided to find the motorways beauty and use it as the inspiration for her collection.

Snakeprint leather bags with roadworks warnings, fur scarves with no entry signs, long length bomber jackets with speed camera logos; the muse behind the collection was immanent in every look. After last season’s use of familiar household logos and items it was hard to imagine how Hindmarchwould be able overtake this, but she did it in the fast lane. With accessories and ready-to-wear that is so artistic and inspired, Anya Hindmarch brought London Fashion Week to a stand still.

I just wanted to thank you and the whole of the Fault team for having me on board this season, it has been a pleasure and I hope that you have been pleased with my efforts. If there is ever anyway that I can be involved with the magazine please let me know.

Jael Fowakes




Sequined street walkers took to the catwalk at Ashish on the final day of London Fashion Week. Provocatively clad in thigh-high red hooker heels with trashy dyed fringe jobs and hooped earrings, these girls were working the runway just as hard.

Sequined camisoles and knickerbocker shorts with laced edges brushed loosely across the models’ skin and spaghetti straps dropped off the shoulder. Lace bralets peeped out from bomber jackets made up of a patchwork of different animal print fur. Sequin camouflage cropped joggers were trimmed with fur and tie dye denim was dotted with studs. Sexy, trashy and oh so cool.

The inspiration for the show was a quote from Jane Fonda’s character in Klute, New York prostitute Bree Daniels: “You know there’s nothing wrong, nothing… nothing is wrong. I think the only way that any of us can ever be happy is to let it all hang out… you know… do it all, and fuck it.”

Olivia Pinnock


Emilio de la Morena


Watching the Emilio de la Morena AW15 show was like playing ‘spot the red carpet dress’ mixing up some of my all time favourite fabrics, styles and colour combinations. The womanly and sensual floor length dresses oozed sex appeal, with slashes to the thigh and cut just-so to fit the body perfectly. Complicated structures formed around the body to create a simple shape, but with intricate panelling and detailing. Sheer cut-out panels played with bare skin and concealment, offering just the right amount of flesh on show to still be sophisticated. A-Symetry was played with, so some shoulders were on display on one side and on the other, the entire arm would be wrapped in fabric. This heavy play on ‘show and tell’ was utterly desirable, flattering and appealing to most women who want to look modern and sexy. Think Gwyneth Paltrow or Angelina Jolie.

Colours were deep, dark, glistening and dazzled against the dark background of the blackened out catwalk set. The metallics sizzled and dark, rich blues and crimson smouldered. Subtle and elegant, Emilio de la Morena presented covetable glamour this season.

Rachel Holland