While it might seem that FAULT exclusively feature already long-time established artists; we actually are always on the look out for new talent. We call them FAULT Futures and for trio LANY, the future looks very bright! However while the band only formally released music on Soundcloud on April of last year, they have already reached a fanbase of nearly 4 million. LANY released new track Bad, Bad, Bad on January 20th so we’ve caught up with the band to find out where the hell they’ve been all our lives (!) and what else they have in store for us in 2015!


Photography: Zedek Chan



FAULT: Firstly Introduce yourselves!

Lany: Hi! We’re LANY aka Jake Goss, Les Priest, and Paul Klein.



Can you briefly explain how the band formed?

We all met in Nashville a few years ago and became really good friends. We were all working on music independently at the time. I (Paul) was trying to do the solo artist thing in Los Angeles and – to be really honest – was failing pretty miserably. I was ready to walk away from music all together. I knew Jake and Les had started making music together on a computer in their bedroom for fun back in Nashville. I called Jake and asked if I could fly to Nashville, write with them, and see what we could come up. In those four days, we wrote and recorded “Hot Lights” and “Walk Away.” We put them on the internet April 22, 2014, and the rest is history.



We’ve been told you intentionally remained anonymous for the past year – how come? 

Well, it wasn’t intentional at first. Initially, we had a photo of Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson as our profile image on Soundcloud, just because we loved the photo and thought it was cool. We also had no idea anyone was ever going to listen to our songs. I mean, we hoped people would, but we didn’t think it was going to take off like this. All of a sudden, we started getting plays. People became interested, and their interest turned into curiosity. I think bloggers and listeners started trying to figure out who we were, and it turned into this beautiful mystery. So, we just went along with it!


How did you come up with the name LANY? (It sounded cool is a more than acceptable answer)

HAHA! Thanks! We knew we wanted a 4-letter word for design/aesthetic purposes. But, as you can imagine, just about every 4-letter word is already taken. So, we moved to acronyms. In the very beginning stages, we thought we would go with “TTYL.” Then, we decided we didn’t want to be 13 forever. We were driving one day and thinking about the span of the country… from LA to NY. So, we put the letters together and sounded it out.


Musically, was there a clear path you all wanted the band to go down when you formed? Regardless of the writing process etc, was it always going to be synth-infused “Dream Pop meets R&&B”?


I’m not sure we really set out with a specific sound in mind. We do write every song together as a band. So, we’re working with three different sets of backgrounds, influences, and experiences. I think the greatest thing about us is that we don’t really sound like anyone or anything else! We kind of take a lot of pride in that.


Do you all have quite a similar music background?

Not necessarily.  The one thing we all have in common is that we studied music in some capacity at Belmont University.


How would you describe your latest track  ‘Bad,Bad,Bad’ to a new audience?


Musically or stylistically, it might take the slightest journey from our previous tunes. But, we think it’s pretty “LANY” through and through. It has a playful, young, rebellious vibe to it, which is reinforced with strong song structure and singable, almost impossible-to-forget melodies



What’s in store for LANY for 2015?


Shows! Tours! New music. 2015, so far, has already been pretty massive for us. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @thisislany and like us on facebook for tour dates and exciting updates.




With electronic music such as yours, is it easy to transfer that into the live setting?


We don’t think “easy” is the right word, but it hasn’t presented too much of a challenge.


How important is the live process to you – is it something you really enjoy?


Playing live and delivering is literally EVERYTHING to us. It’s of utmost importance to us to perform our songs excellently, often, and in front of as many people as possible. The personal interaction and connection that playing live offers is irreplaceable and undeniable.


Finally, what is your FAULT? 


Oh man… I’m (Paul) a little obsessive and a bit of a perfectionist. if I’m stuck on something or trying to figure something out or feel unsettled, it’s nearly impossible to stop me until I get to the bottom of it. That can probably be a little aggravating when it comes to working with me on creative projects i.e. music, album art, photos, videos, website design, etc.


 Photography: Zedek Chan

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