FAULT attends – Kate Nash x The Rodnik Band for Girl Gang TV


Last Thursday saw the London launch of Girl Gang TV, a brand new online channel dedicated to spreading positive vibes of love, truth, self-empowerment and feminism. Its creator – none other than platinum-selling singer/songwriter (and FAULT Issue 14 star) Kate Nash – teamed up with FAULT Featured cult fashion label The Rodnik Band for the invite-only event, which was hosted at the private East London home and design studio of the brand’s creator, Philip Colbert, and wife Charlotte. Intrigued by Girl Gang TV’s novel fusion of aesthetics and activism, FAULT headed to Shoreditch to find out more.

Hurrying in from the chilly winter night, guests soon filled the intimate space, where names like actor Sophie Kennedy Clark, celebrity stylist Rebekah Roy, style journalist Stefanie Jones and all-girl punk act The Tuts mixed with some of Nash’s most ardent fans. Popcorn, sweets and beer soon made the rounds, while many a talking point was had with The Rodnik Band’s colourful pop art-themed designs, which were dotted around the room (we especially liked the embellished sofa can dress and primary block backpack).


Kate, blonde-haired, red-lipsticked and wearing a graphic grid dress, then plopped down on a large octopus print beanbag – with everything designed by The Rodnik Band, natch. Once everyone had taken their seat on the floor around her (oh god, my joints), she then gave a quick talk on the Girl Gang TV project, presenting it as a new platform to share ideas across music, style, politics, art, science, business, the environment and beyond. Using a combination of art and humour, we are told how the project is all about spreading messages, championing worthy causes like equal rights and animal protection – or, in other words, ‘doing cool shit to change the world.’


“I want to learn from other people and gain new perspectives on what’s happening in the world. I want to give a voice to those that haven’t yet been given a microphone,” as Kate puts it.

Us attendees are then treated to a screening of the introductory episode of Girl Gang TV, before Kate brings out her guitar to perform two acoustic songs chosen specially for the launch (‘Free My Pussy’ and ‘You’re So Cool, I’m So Freaky’, in case you were wondering). Finally, inspired and several bottles of Peroni in, it was time to hit the afterparty at The Waiting Room, where Echo Boom Generation, Bones and Swampmother joined Kate on the decks to round off a fun evening of creativity and girl power.

Check out Girl Gang TV on YouTube now.

Words: Charlotte McManus
Photos: Daniel Deme for WENN