Usher releases video for ‘She Came To Give It To You’



Unless you’ve spent the last few days under a rock on Mars with ear plugs in, you are fully aware of two things: 1) People have been pouring ice cold water on their heads to raise money for ALS and 2) Usher performed ‘She Came to Give It to You’ live at the VMAs along side Nicki Minaj and people haven’t stopped talking about it since.


We have now been treated to an accompanying music video for the new single. The track is everything loyal fans have grown to love about Usher’s voice while the music video sees Usher prove that he is still king of the dance-floor as he slides, pops, locks and shows off his fancyfootwork.  Not to be missed is a cameo from the tracks producer Pharrell Williams, who seems to work on every hit single this year so this can only been seen as a good omen.

While the video begins simple enough with Usher entering an electronics store, it soon turns into a surreal club scene fit with gravity defying dance moves as Usher croons on stage before following a girl into a puzzling  M. C. Escher-esque stairwell.


Of course we can’t forget to mention Nikki Minaj’s perfectly delivered verse midway through. As a rapper, Minaj has been churning out the best features and singles reminiscent of her early string of hits which propelled her to stardom. This verse is no exception, it makes sense, it’s gibberish free and is the icing on the cake for yet another Usher hit single.

While we hopelessly tried to keep it a secret it’s pretty much known that Usher is set to feature in the next issue of FAULT. While we’ve been inundated with messages regarding the feature, we can reveal that your wait is almost over! Just keep things FAULT for a few more days and all shall be revealed. In the mean time, Check out the music video below to get your Usher fix until the big reveal!