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Betsey Johnson


The queen of the adage more is more and less is a bore, Betsey Johnson’s Spring/Summer ‘15 runway show was a delight. With a cast of models which included transgendered personalities, it was a subtle take on marriage and LGBT equality. Tulle, frills and ruffles were aplenty. A soundtrack of selections such as Diddy’s and Mase’s 90s hit, “Mo Money Mo Problems,” and Kool & the Gang’s hit, “Ladies Night,” bursted from the speakers, leading to sporadic gasps of joy from show attendees.

Firstly, two men in white tuxedos, black trousers and black button ups treaded down the runway, bouquet in hand, symbolising the consummation of a wedding ceremony. Up next, were two women in a sequined white dress and two piece suit, respectively. Overall the casting consisted of atypical runway models, with varying size and height. Exemplifying Betsey Johnson’s knack for deviating from the norm. In the latter half of the show came transgendered models Isis, Iryna L, William, and Sharon, voguing and posing for onlookers. In the end, concluding the show with her famous cartwheel, Betsey Johnson further cemented her place within the American fashion landscape.

-Shammara Lawrence

Luar Zepol


The Williamsburg-born and bred designer, Raul Lopez (“Luar Zepol” spelled backwards) has never been one to play it safe and this collection is no different. SS15 dives right into Lopez’s nightmarish memory of his first foray into an inner-city high school with the clamor of locks slamming shut. Enter the drama kids, the thugs, the goths, the preps. Enter the halls where fashion was the way to communicate which group you belonged to, and which group you had no business associating with. 
Blending nostalgia with an in-your-face anxiousness, Luar Zepol‘s collection manages to deconstruct the over-the-top element of every clique and somehow blend the edges to make everyone feel like they belong to the same post-apocalyptic, Lord of the Flies’ rebel army.
The collection’s super flare bell bottoms, chunky chain necklaces, fringe, corn rows, sweat bands and cut-outs remind you that fashion is cyclical; while futuristic back-baring cut-outs, spiky-plastic headwear and bondage-style pieces challenge you to reimagine your own stereotype and take it up a notch, or two, or twelve. Maybe reliving high school wouldn’t be so bad after all. 

-Courtney Ridgway

 Dorin Negrau


Inspired by his Romanian upbringing, Dorin Negrau’s Spring ’15 collection was reminiscent of traditional garments as seen in his home country. The show began with models sporting cloth netting accessorized as scarves, belts and headpieces.

Negrau’s first show at NYFW showcased a variety of looks with the high point being the formal gowns. Black, satin gowns made its way down the runway with lace and sequin overlays. The collection was all about the details as seen with the jewelry and embellished, oversized belts styled with each look.

 -Uyen Truong


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