FAULT Focus: Julyen Carcy and musician Piu Piu collaborate at Paris Fashion Week

As the madness that collectively comprises international fashion weeks once again comes to a climax in Paris, the FAULT Focus team got the chance to speak to budding designer Julien Blet Carcy, founder of the Julyen Carcy label and Giulietta Canzani, aka multi-talented singer-songwriter and DJ Piu Piu, about their recent collaboration for Julyen Carcy’s SS’15 collection: Amor Libre.

julien carcy + piu piu for FAULT Magazine
Piu Piu with designer Julien for Julyen Carcy SS’15: Amor Libre

FAULT: Hi guys, good to discover that you’ve both managed to survive this long in the run up to fashion week..! What will you guys be up to during PFW? Can you give us a brief overview?

Julien: We’re having a hectic few days preparing for our showroom presentation. It’s both exciting and stressful. But I can’t wait for Fashion Week to be over so I can start working full-time on the FW15/16 collection.

Piu Piu: I went to New York and London already this month and I had so much fun! I’m going to see some shows, play a couple of gigs and go to some parties with my friends.

Julien, we’ve featured your work before on FAULT Online. Since then, we’ve been following your progress digitally via your ever-growing social media platforms. We’ve just learned that you had a photo shoot with Piu Piu wearing your designs. How did that happen ?

Julien: I went to a party a year ago, she was doing her DJ set. I liked it. I checked out the kind of music she was doing and I really wanted to meet her in person and see if her personality could match with the brand. Piu Piu agreed to wear some looks of the SS15 collection – which was cool.

julien carcy + piu piu for FAULT Magazine6

Piu Piu, you do so many creative things all at the same time and just seem to be everywhere at once. With a lot of people, that seems like a ‘personal branding’ exercise but in your case you just seem to be enjoying yourself. After leaving your career at a fashion magazine to pursue other goals, how do you feel about collaborating with a fashion designer again in the shape of the Julyen Carcy brand?

Piu Piu: I think you got that really right ! One of the most important things for me is to have fun on an everyday basis. I feel like working IN fashion and working WITH people who are in fashion is really different: it’s a lot more light, and my involvement is more with the music and parties and pictures – more at the end of the process for the brands, so I guess it is just refreshing for everyone!

Julien, it would be too easy to just ask you the same question about Piu Piu so tell us instead about how music influences the way you go about your design process?

Julien: Music helps me a lot. I can focus and be more creative, as if I was in a bubble.

julien carcy + piu piu for FAULT Magazine2

Ok, let’s get down to business! You guys have been collaborating for the Julyen Carcy SS15 collection: Amor Libre. In your own words, tell us what the collection means to both of you.

Julien: It’s our second collection. I’m using bright colors for this one, it puts more emphasis on the brand’s aesthetic. It was very challenging because even though Mexico is our theme, I didn’t want it to be cliché. I wanted the looks to be glamour without being folkloric, it’s been a real challenge for me.

Piu Piu: Julien approached me with the collection last spring. The whole idea was that it was about South America and I thought it was super exciting, specially myself coming from Uruguay, and it was super fun!

We realise that this is a bit early to say but we’re confident that this particular collection is going to be a huge success, judged on what we’ve seen so far. The fabrics look great, the pastel colours, the patterns, the shapes… are beautiful and the whole thing just seems to be coming together really nicely for the Julyen Carcy label right now. What is your favourite look from the SS15 collection?

Julien: I like the blue top and blue maxi skirt with a side-slit. It’s glamorous without being slutty, the silk fabric is soft on the body.

julien carcy + piu piu for FAULT Magazine3

Assuming that you guys would both refer to each other as sources of inspiration, who else would you describe as key influencers? We’d be interested to see how many of those you have in common…

Julien: Emma Watson, Diana Vreeland, Alexander Wang, Tilda Swinton, Proenza Schouler, Xavier Dolan…

Piu Piu: My biggest influences in a very random order are Janet Jackson in the 90’s, Miranda July, Dries van Noten, Prince, Amy Poehler, Ponyo, ghetto house pioneers, the S.O.S. band, old school r’n’b…

Piu Piu, which of Julyen Carcy’s outfits would you be most likely to wear for a Girls Girls Girls DJ set? Or one of your solo gigs, for that matter?

Piu Piu: I love the white short and top look to play a GGG gig, and the black crop top and skirt for more a little more drama if I’m [performing] alone.

julien carcy + piu piu for FAULT Magazine4

A question for both of you: what is your favourite thing about fashion week?

Julien: Partying !!!

Piu Piu: I love to see friends from everywhere all reunited at the same time in one city !

…and what’s the worst thing about it?

Julien: Having to carefully pick my outfits.

Piu Piu: Some people have way too much attitude.

julien carcy + piu piu for FAULT Magazine5

What are you both working on now – outside of everything that’s happening at PFW? Are you going to be taking a break after fashion week or getting straight back to work?

Julien: I’m working on the next FW 15/16 collection so no break for me at all.

Piu Piu: I’m working on my show on Rinse France, new parties we’ll be throwing at Faust with Girls Girls Girls, some new music and gigs ! And of course I’ll go straight back to work :D

We have to ask both of you one last question – its sort of a thing that we do so just go with it: what is your FAULT?!

Julien: I’m too superstitious.

Piu Piu: Smoking cigarettes!

For more information on Julyen Carcy, visit www.julyencarcy.com

Photographer: Mehdi Sef
Model: Dolores at Ford Model
MUA: Junko Komada
Hairstylist: Thibault Duriez
Stylist: Tara Ziegfeld
Assistant stylist: Marie Scirocco