A/W 2014’s Top Hairstyles for Men

With a new year comes new styles – or, like a Hollywood remake, old styles re-purposed for a new generation. And just like with any sort of fashion, hairstyles go around in trends.

2014 has definitely followed that rule for men’s hair as the top styles have been increasingly popularized and are being seen on streets everywhere. But it’s no wonder why: women love them. With that in mind, here are six of the best men’s hairstyles doing the rounds at the moment:

The Undercut

This year’s biggest event was perhaps the World Cup, which saw Germany bring their talent to Brazil and take the prize home. More appropriate for our purposes, Germany (and the other European nations) brought to the world a particular hairstyle – the undercut – that has now exploded onto the scene in the States. Here’s Brad Pitt rocking the style in the movie, Fury. The hair on top can be styled in whatever fits your face best: messy, spiked, or slicked back or to the side.

Brad Pitt rocks the undercut in Fury. Image courtesy of Pop Sugar

The Full Beard

Facial hair has been making a comeback – just ask James Harden. Take a walk through Shoreditch and you’ll know what I mean.) Obviously not everyone can aspire to the heights of Harden’s mane, but a full, well-groomed beard can really complete a look. Jon Hamm does it well, like everything else. Combine the full beard with the undercut for best results.

Jonn Hamm via JustJared.com
Jon Hamm via JustJared.com

The Side Part

A style worn well in any setting is the side part, which sort of looks like it was done haphazardly at home, but really needs a professional hand to make it look right. See Zac Efron, in summer hit Neighbors, who probably sat in the stylist’s chair for hours.

ZAc Efron works the side parting in Neighbors

The Buzz Cut

Unfortunately we’re not all on the same pay scale as Wayne Rooney, for whom a follicular problem is fixed with a day’s wages. For men not blessed with volumes of flowing locks, saving up for the buzz cut is a perfect style that is both easy to maintain and can look great on the correct head.

Wayne Rooney. Image courtesy of the Harley Street Hair Clinic

The Indie Hipster 

Tobey Maguire set this hairstyle and superhero films in general back a few years in Spiderman 3, but like all things out of style, hipsters have picked it up and taken it for themselves. Now, the long diagonally angled bangs are back, and Ewan McGregor continues to prove their worth.

Ewan McGregor
Ewan McGregor

Swept Up

Robert Downey Jr. has popularised this style with his series of Iron Man movies and it’s now reached it’s – pardon the pun – peak this year. This cut works for both short and medium hair, it being swept up and combed back. The cut crystallizes the “styled, but looks messy” trend that has refused to stop being fashionable.

Robert Downey Jr. with a trademark swept back hairstyle
Robert Downey Jr. with a trademark swept back hairstyle

It’s been said that one’s hairstyle should be a reflection of one’s self. But perhaps it should be said that your hairstyle can be a reflection of whom you aspire to be. Whether that be the trendsetter or the mirror of a movie star, there’s no shame in that game. It’s not so much as “you doing you” as it is you looking good.