Pixie Lott – first look at our exclusive shoot for FAULT Issue 18’s front cover

Pixie Lott: “Beauty comes from the inside out. If you are feeling good on the inside and give out love and kindness it does show, and makes you look and feel more beautiful.”  

Pixie Lott - FAULT Magazine Issue 18 - cover WEB
Pixie Lott was shot in London by photographer Simon Harris and styled by Marika Page exclusively for the front cover of FAULT Issue 18
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FAULT Magazine Issue 18 – the RAW Issue features British songstress Pixie Lott in anticipation of the imminent release of her eponymous third studio album. In addition to the front cover, Pixie’s feature – which includes an in-depth interview and exclusive photoshoot by photographer Simon Harris and stylist Marika Page – runs over 9 pages in the print issue. Pixie also covers the issue’s Music section inside the magazine.

The shoot, based on the issue’s theme of ‘RAW’, shows off Pixie’s natural beauty with the singer taking up some frank, unassuming poses to complement FAULT’s traditionally distinctive, often monochromatic, editorial style.

In the interview, entitled ‘Made for This‘, Pixie discusses the pressures of life in the public eye and her approach to staying positive, regardless of public reaction to her life away from music. She reflects on how the new album reflects her personality better than anything else she has released and her total conviction, even from an early age, that she was destined for a career in music.

Pixie Lott - FAULT Magazine Issue 18 - inside 1 WEB
Interview by Chris Purnell

FAULT: I was wondering how it feels as a musician to have so many other aspects – particularly your fashion and beauty choices – sometimes overshadowing your chosen mode of expression?

PIXIE: I always want my music and live shows to be the most important [thing], as that means the most to me. There is no better feeling for me than singing live for people and I really want that to come across, especially with the new sound of my new album. But I do have a passion for fashion, make up and costume, and it’s fun that I get to combine it all.

You have said that your new record best represents you as opposed to your others. Why is that?

It’s very soul influenced but still current. I grew up listening to music from the 60s/70s and mixed that with who I am. It’s the favourite album I’ve made so far. It best represents me, with is why I named it ‘Pixie Lott.’

Pixie Lott - FAULT Magazine Issue 18 - inside 2 WEB

Did you go into the studio with a clear plan for what the record was going to be, or was it more of a process?

I knew I wanted it to have a cohesive sound and not lose the soul.  It’s what I want my second album to be, but that didn’t end up happening.

From an early age you seemed destined to be singing and performing. Is that how it feels?

Yes, definitely. I always wanted to be a recording artist. I always had that goal to strive towards from an early age.

Pixie Lott - FAULT Magazine Issue 18 - internal music cover WEB
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Was there ever any doubt that what you were doing was the right thing?


Is there ever any doubt now?

Not at all.



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