Dannii Minogue – exclusive shoot for FAULT Issue 18’s reversible cover

Dannii Minogue- FAULT Magazine Issue 18 - reversible cover WEB
Dannii Minogue was shot in London by photographer James D Kelly and styled by Rachel Holland exclusively for the front cover of FAULT Issue 18
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FAULT Magazine Issue 18 – the RAW Issue features multi-talented Australian beauty Dannii Minogue as its reversible cover feature. Dubbed (by us, for the feature ‘s title) the “Down Under Designer Darling”, Dannii’s sense of style is self-evident as she shines in looks by the likes of Nicole Farhi, Missoni and Viktor & Rolf.

Shot exclusively for FAULT at the Hoxton Hotel in London by photographer James D Kelly with styling by Rachel Holland, Dannii’s feature includes an in-depth interview and runs over 9 pages in the magazine, including the Style section cover inside the magazine.

In the interview, Dannii speaks about life in Australia with her 4 year old son, Ethan, her desire to get back into TV in the UK, her dreams of working on her own productions and her continuing achievements in the fields of music and fashion.

Dannii Minogue - FAULT Magazine Issue 18 - inside 1 WEB

FAULT: We hear that you’re looking to do some other things in future in addition to working on ‘X Factor (Australia)’ – could you elaborate?

Dannii: I’ve been having meetings about TV that I might come back and do here. I definitely want to come back and do something – I’m just trying to find the right thing, Leaving X Factor here when it was just such a juggernaut… you kind of want it [the new project] to be something just as special. I guess I am looking for projects where I can be involved, not just as hired talent but more from the production side. I’m starting to look at that as something I can retire into – not just yet but, at some point, I’d love to being doing both: being on camera and also involved in the production.

Dannii Minogue - FAULT Magazine Issue 18 - internal Style section cover WEB
Interview by Louis Sheridan

That’s definitely the way to do it, take control! Let’s talk about music too… I hear you’re back in the studio, can you tell us more about that?

Yeah, I recorded some stuff that I’ve co-written and some stuff that friends have written and others that I’ve found and just love. I’m just trying out loads of different stuff with no pressure of a record company or a deal or a date or anything. I’m actually really enjoying it. I’ve spoken to a few record companies, I’ve said I’m not ready to commit to anything and they’re like, “That’s cool, that’s how it should be. Just do it and enjoy it, and from that enjoyment you’ll find something”, so I’m just seeing if I can find that something special but, again, it’s been so long since I’ve done it that I don’t want to come back with something unless it’s special.

You recently announced the launch of your own online e-commerce store, DanniiShop.com, and have also worked on a clothing line in Australia for petite sized women [Dannii for Target, available in Australia]. Tell us about that?

Yeah, I’ve been working on a big range of stuff, primarily for Australia, at the moment. Earlier this year we were just trying to make sure that you could get the stuff of DanniiShop over here – delivered online and stuff – and now you can. That’s a project that I love working on.

Dannii Minogue - FAULT Magazine Issue 18 - inside 2 WEB
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What is your FAULT?

My fault… I think I’ve noticed I’m a real worrier. Especially since being a mum, I just worry about stuff and I’m like, “I don’t want to be that person!” I worry a lot, it’s stupid. It’s such a waste of energy and time – I need to toughen up!



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