Sibling – LCM SS15





Taking references from youth culture, punk and anarchy, Sibling’s latest SS15 collection ‘The Fan Club’, walked out to Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ putting us in the mood for rebellion, culture displacement and general unsettledness.


Girls and boys walking with an attitude and wearing mohawks and face netting showcased Sibling’s collection of spiked denim, laddered knitwear, fringing, fishnet knits and ‘The Fan Club’ sweaters; a reference to the name of the club Joe Bates worked back in the 80’s and the 90’s. A place where unconventionality and un-conformity ruled.


Amongst the more showy collection pieces were some wearable separates, such as the highly textured lace-like jackets, the patterned denim and the printed sweaters with a good balance throughout of structure and shape. Then there were the outright show-stoppers – the giant red pompom finale looks, the layered skirts over jeans and the eye-catching fringing.


Using the classic teenage references of bad skin, hair and fake bravado, Sibling have embraced teenage culture, celebrated it and now transformed it into an art-form and a status symbol through the clothing.


All in all, the Sibling show resulted in a raucous and high-spirited start to the third day of the Menswear London Collections and a great excuse for amping up the ‘I don’t care’ factor come spring 2015.


Words: Rachel Holland

Photography: Chris Yates