Lee Roach – LCM SS15




Minimalist and muted: next season is nothing short of what we expected from Lee Roach. A

utilitarian vibe shone through with subtle suitcase straps as belts and harnesses and waterproof

parachute fabric, appealing to Roach’s customer-base of no-nonsense, practical fashion thinkers.

The lighter fabrics, also including linen, kept it cool for the warmer months whilst sticking to Roach’s

usual attention-shielding colour palette which, for spring/summer 15, covers khaki, navy and white

with splashes of sporting red.



Silhouettes were slim and uncomplicated, tailored close to the body and collarless. Vests (including a

number of string vests) were cut in close on the shoulders, flashing a little muscle, in contrast to the

hoodies and detachable hoods that many of the models sheltered under. A new nod to using slogans

appeared on a few pieces with ‘LRSS’ in bold type across t-shirts and ‘protect’ stamped across a vest,

bringing home the message of a collection designed for an all-weather terrain.

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Words: Olivia Pinnock