Huntergather – LCM SS15







Next spring/summer, according to Hunter Gather, on the playground is where we’ll spend most of our days. Chilling out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool and shooting some b-ball outside of the school.


Maybe not quite so literally, but the bold primary colours, baggy high-waisted trousers (we knew we’d turn into our father one day) and graphic prints had us reminiscing about our favourite retro TV show. We were also reminiscing over the jelly shoes on the models’ feet; the new beach bar attire for funky feet it seems.

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Although the bold, appliqué shapes were inspired by the recent Matisse exhibition in London, with their colourful character on a relaxed silhouette, they ultimately added to the feel-good, dance hall rhythm of the collection.


Word: Olivia Pinnock