FAULT Online Interviews the crowd at Parklife festival




Age: 22

Occupation: Student
Location: Manchester/London

Noah: What drew you to Park Life (Manchester) ?
Femi: I’ve been living in Manchester for a while whilst studying here and I’ve been to the festival before- it’s always had fun. I especially wanted to go this year as I’ve just graduated and I’m about to make the move to London. It’s a shame it clashes with Field Day (London).


What was the crowd like?

The general crowd was really young compared to festivals like Glastonbury where there’s a lot more variation. Most people seemed like they were there to have a good time and to enjoy the music, but I noticed there were those who seemed too obsessed with their appearance to let their hair down (literally).


So there was many people there with disinterest in the music. Who were you there to see?

Femi: Yeah which is a shame because music festivals are all about seeing all your favourite artists whilst having a laugh and sharing moments with friends. Although I suppose they’re seen as a social space now- simply somewhere to go and to be seen. I was really excited to see Damian Lazarus, DJ EZ, Art Department, Scuba, Gold Panda and Stylo G.
Got to love a bit of Gold Panda eh?

Femi: He was so good!


Noah: Did you notice a visual difference in the audiences for the different acts you saw?

Femi: Yeah there was a noticeable difference. For example at Stylo G it was mostly younger girls dressed in the usual tight denim hotpants with everything hanging out and then at Flying Lotus there were a lot of slightly older, more chilled guys. It was quite interesting actually because as I would walk past some tents and upon looking in, the crowd just look very unappealing. It changes your perception of the act as well to some extent.


Did you see a difference and noticeable change in fashion and the way audience’s were dressed at different acts?

Femi: Yeah when I first got there I saw Ben UFO & Midland where the crowd was very ‘laddy’ with a lot of guys wearing street wear. We left that stage to catch Gold Panda where the crowd was a lot more individual and unique it wouldn’t be so easy to generalise the people there.


Do you think festivals can’t just rely on the music to deliver the whole experience we receive today? Is fashion a big part?

Yes I do, but I think fashion at the festival had almost been interpreted as a dress code, uniform even? And that people weren’t dressing to express themselves but more to fit in with a certain crowd. I always like to see people who have their own style and have a lot of respect for them. Both music and fashion are forms of art and I do think they can mutually benefit each other. I know that if I’ve seen a picture of an artist and I like their style that I would be more inclined to go and see them.
Words and Images: LXN

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