Editor’s Pick: Xander Zhou – LCM SS15

Photo: Chris Yates

After seating ourselves at Xander Zhou and getting dosed up on *’Hyperdrive’ tablets before the show, we had an ominous sign of what we could expect.


Photo: Chris Yates
Photo: Chris Yates

Xander is the first designer based in China to be given permission to use the original Star Wars imagery in his designs. In this collection, he’s explored themes of youth, mysticism, gender and sexuality and the result was an attention-grabbing, magnetic yet balanced collection of showmanship mixed in with wearable pieces.

The collection featured denim wear, metallics, high-shine details and complicated construction, shape and silhouettes. Ranging from the oversized coats and jackets to the smallest of short shorts, trousers with a chunk cut out at the thigh and the surfer-inspired slouchiness that gave a laid-back, but luxe feel to the clothing.



Patterns incorporated the Star Wars imagery but in a subtle and non-obvious way. There were also stripes woven into the looks, tops that had a 60’s style psychedelic pattern, abstract monochrome shading and some actual Star Wars text details.



Leather skateboards, trainers, socks and sliders, giant belts, smeared red lipstick and face string were some of the accessories used to bring the collection together and as Xander’s models stormed the catwalk to the Star Wars theme tune during the finale walk, we were left in no doubt that this is his most focused season to date.




*Youth pills aka harmless candy


Words: Rachel Holland