Duchamp – LCM SS15




Duchamp’s presentation of their finely suited models was a veritable soirée. At the breathtakingly beautiful Rosewood London hotel press, buyers and industry sipped on earl grey champagne cocktails and helped themselves to the sushi buffet and macaroons and the models did much the same. Clinking glasses, chatting and laughing, it was sometimes difficult to tell who was a model and who was simply enjoying the party; we eventually distinguished them by a collective rugged handsomeness and by the fact that they were wearing the best made suits in the room.


Grey check, white linen and blue suits with brown shoes were part of new Creative Director Gianni Colarossi’s vision for ‘elegant English gentry’ and ‘contemporary Riviera’ for next season. Moving on to the rather flashy eveningwear in the form of a silk paisley and a lightweight purple velvet jacket. It’s an occasion to bring out the occasionwear too as Duchamp celebrates 25 years in business this year. Rather!


Words: Olivia Pinnock

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