The Electra Woods – Synthetic Weekend Music Video Release


Today saw the release of  The Electra Woods new music video for track ‘Synthetic Weekend’.  The song is written, performed and produced by Julie Wilkins, the creative force behind The Electra Woods, and is taken from their upcoming self-titled debut album.

The whole album is a mix of both synthesised beats and natural acoustic instruments that accompany Julie’s soft, captivating vocals. The accompanying video for Synthetic Weekend, which is directed by Sam Smith, matches the song’s digital and natural themes with neon glitch-like effects superimposed over a journey through cityscapes to a vast empty stretch of American highway.

You can tell that the visual aspect of this album is of paramount important to the project: a series of videos that transition through the album have been released, each uniquely produced and maintaining the use of visual effects alongside the more natural footage. The hallucinatory feel of the album is enhanced by both the use of audio and visual effects – the synergy between the two make this more than just a typical debut album and elevates the project into a creative sphere of its own.

The Electra Woods and accompanying films are set for release on May 26th via FC/FM.

Check out the new video below: